Sewing Room Rules Metal Sign


Sewing Room Rules … thou shall not metal sign 8″ X 11″

example “Rachelle’s Sewing Room”


Do you have a sewing room? Are you looking for the perfect decoration to express your love of sewing?

Check out this Sewing Room Rules Metal Sign, which is both functional and stylish! It features ten “Thou Shall Nots”

  • Ask when it will be finished
  • Cut anything with my fabric scissors
  • Request that I hem your pants
  • Talk to me while I am holding a seam ripper
  • Tell me I have too much fabric
  • Push buttons on my sewing machine
  • Bring be your clothes to iron
  • Pull on any threads
  • Come looking for food, this is not the kitchen
  • Wonder aloud why I am still in my pajamas

The metal sign is designed to easily catch your eye every time you glance at it! Every sewer knows there’s nothing like honing their craft in a well-decorated workspace Рmake yours standout from the rest with this vintage-style piece.

Grab one today and show off your sewing skills in style!

The sign is made of durable metal and measures 8 inches by 11 inches.

Personalize with your or a loved one’s name.


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