Sublimated Wine Bottle/Glass Holder with Koozies


Sublimated Wine Bottle and Wine Glass Carrier with Wine Glass Koozies – I Drink Wine and Know Things


Sublimated Wine Bottle Holder and Wine Glass Koozies –

The perfect addition to any wine lover’s collection, and designed for compact these high-quality sublimated koozies will keep your drinks cold and looking great. This compact holder is designed for easy transport, so you can take it to any.

Wine Koozies are made of soft neoprene for superior moisture absorption, durability, and non-slip grip. It also feels comfortable in your hand, so you can easily enjoy your drinks without having to worry about spilling or breakage.
The holder is made of durable MDF material that is designed to last. Its waterproof feature also makes it easy to clean, providing long-lasting use of the product.


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