Pet Sign

Sublimate a Personalized Pet Sign

Sublimate a Personalized Pet Sign

Do you have friends whose pets rule their homes with an iron paw? Are you searching for a unique gift for these friends? Consider a personalized pet sign that outlines the “human rules”. It’s not only adorable but also a fitting gift.

If you are new to sublimation, check out this blog for beginners.

Step By Step How to Sublimate a Personalized Pet Sign


  1. Photos and Designs, many designs can be found on Creative Fabrica
  2. Sublimation Printer, Conde has a wide range of options, or check out my blog on printers on the cheap
  3. Sublimation Metal Sign from Blessed to Create Blanks or from Amazon
  4. Transfer Paper
  5. Heat Press
  6. Heat Gloves
  7. Heat Tape
Blank Sign with alcohol wipe

Blank Metal Sign from Blessed to Create Blanks

Step 1 – Pick Your Photos and Designs

For pet signs, you can use a generic image of a dog, cat, bird, or whatever pet you want to highlight, or a recent picture of their beloved pets. , most of your frames will be photos. Make sure your photos are high resolution – any recent smartphones will be high resolution. For paw prints or other images, I usually use Creative Fabrica for the sheer quantity and quality of the sublimation designs and images. Make sure you measure your sign to ensure your images fit.

Step 2 – Create Your Sign

Use Adobe Illustrator, Cricut Design Space, or other image software to resize the images to fit in the desired area. My metal sign is 10″ X 8″. I use Adobe Illustrator to line up the text and arrange the images.

Step 3 – Print the Images/Designs on Sublimation Transfer Paper

Printer settings for an Epson ET-15000

  • Click on Print/Printer Icon
  • Highlight your printer
  • Click on the preferences tab
  • Set Paper Source
  • Set Document Size (I set this to Super B 13X9 normally, but I am using 11″ X 17″ for this project)
  • Set Paper Type to Premium Presentation Matte
  • Set Quality to High
  • Select the Options Tab
  • Uncheck High Speed
  • Check the Mirror Image
  • Color Correction, click on Custom, Advanced tab, Color Management, Color Controls, click on Adobe RGB, then set Gamma to 2.2. Click on OK
  • Printing Presets, select Add/Remove Presets, Name your settings (sublimation, or Super B for example), and select save.

Print the selected images and double-check to make sure your images are reversed and high-quality printing setting in selected

Printed on Transfer Paper

Printed sign images on transfer paper

Step 4 – Transfer the Image onto the Sign

Center the image on the sign and use heat tape to secure the image to the metal sign. I measure the sign and mark with a pencil the mid point. I mark the midpoint on the transfer paper to line up.

Measuring Sign

Measuring Sign to mark midpoint.

Transfer Paper taped to metal sign

Transfer Paper taped to metal sign.

Place the metal sign right side up (transfer paper image side down) on the heat press. Set the heat press to 350 degrees and set for 60 seconds.

Sign under Heat Press

Metal Sign placed on heat press

The sign will be hot, so make sure you use your heat gloves to remove the heat tape to reveal your masterpiece.

Removing Sign from the heat press with heat gloves

Removing sign from heat press

Pet Sign

Finished Project

What materials do you need for sublimation printing, and where can you find them?

Some of my favorite sources



Blessed To Create Blanks

Conversion Kits and Ink

Transfer Paper


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