Epson WF 2930

Sublimation printing for $200

If you’re interested in sublimation printing but feeling discouraged by the cost of the initial setup, have no fear, with just under $200, you can get started with a basic sublimation printing setup. For under $300, you can get a streamlined basic sublimation printing setup. Although the initial investment to sublimate printing is higher than heat transfer vinyl crafting (htv) (but still cheaper than a Cricut Maker). Sublimation printing can produce higher quality, intricate detail and the variety of materials you can adorn makes sublimation crafting in a far more versatile craft. Don’t let the initial investment hold you back – with this low-cost setup, you’ll be able to dive into the world of sublimation printing in no time!

If you are new to Sublimation, check out this Sublimation for Beginners Blog here

Lowest Cost

All Epson Workforce (WF) printers can be converted using a Cosmos conversion kit. For $200, you can get the basic sublimation printer setup. I use Cosmos Ink, and they provide conversion kits for Epson printers. At this writing, you can purchase an Epson WF 2930 for $99. You will also need a conversion kit, which you can get from Cosmos Ink for $85. My first sublimation printer was an Epson WF 7710 printer that I had to convert. I chose the Epson 7710 because it will print up to 13X19, but I paid $500, and the WF 7710 now sell for $1,300. The WF 2930 will only print letter size, but if you’re doing sublimation as a hobby, or sublimate on smaller items, 8.5X11 is sufficient.

Epson WF 2930

The downside is you have to go through a tedious conversion process. Here are the videos from Cosmos Ink that I used to convert my printer. Video 1 and Video 2, did I mention it is a bit tedious.

For $200, you can be up and running in no time.

Cautionary Note: Once you convert your printer to sublimation, your Epson warranty is now void. But for $99, it is not a huge risk.

Low Cost and Easiest

Epson EcoTanks (ET) printers are the easiest to convert – you just fill the sublimation ink wells with Cosmos Ink sublimation ink refills, instead of the Epson ink. You can purchase an Epson ET-2800 for $200 at this writing. You also need to purchase Cosmos Epson EcoTank printer refills for $40. The conversion process for an EcoTank is so much easier, just open up the sublimation ink refills and fill the ink wells.

Espon et2800

Cautionary Note: Once you convert your printer to sublimation, your Epson warranty is now void.

Next Steps

Once you have your printer setup to print sublimation ink, it is time to start crafting. If you are brand new to sublimation, start here. If you are looking for ideas, check out this list of 51 ideas.

What materials do you need for sublimation printing, and where can you find them?

Some Of My Favorite Sources



Blessed To Create Blanks

Conversion Kits and Ink

Sublimation Coatings (For Cotton Products)

Transfer Paper


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